Kishwaukee Church is part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), which is an evangelical, confessional, Reformed Christian denomination.

  • By evangelical, we mean that we believe the beating heart of the Christian faith is the gospel - the good news of what God has done to rescue us in Jesus.
  • By confessional, we mean that we aren't trying to reinvent the wheel as we think about Christianity. We are a part of a body that stretches back for millenia, and so we take as our statement of faith one of the historic confessions of the church's faith, the Westminster Confession and Catechisms. More information about those documents and copies you can read are available here.
  • By Reformed, we mean that we are shaped by the foundational values of the Protestant Reformation. We see our ultimate source of authority as resting in Scripture. We understand our hope of salvation as coming by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. And we believe that the church and the world both exist to show forth the glory of God.


While our beliefs are discussed above, it's also worth noting how we are trying to put that into practice here at Kish. For that reason, we've also developed a statement seeking to summarize our particular purpose and vision as a church.


Kishwaukee Community Evangelical Presbyterian Church seeks to glorify God through worship, discipleship, fellowship, service and evangelism, presenting to Him people mature in Christ who take His Gospel into the world.


We glorify God through worship

  • Gathering together to experience God's presence
  • Praising God as Creator, Lord, Savior & Redeemer
  • Praying to God, waiting and listening for Him
  • Proclaiming God's Word in Spirit and Truth

We glorify God through discipleship

  • Teaching and studying the Scripture to develop hearts and minds for God
  • Encouraging believers to live a life of obedience to Jesus
  • Identifying gifts, preparing and equipping God's people for service
  • Developing leaders called by the Holy Spirit

We glorify God through fellowship

  • Connecting individuals to other believers in Christ-centered community
  • Building up one another through our words and actions
  • Caring for and supporting one another through/in sacrificial love
  • Bearing with one another in love and grace
  • Admonishing and teaching one another with all wisdom and in love

We glorify God through service

  • Serving those in our fellowship with Christ-like love
  • Teaching individuals to watch and see where God is working and join Him
  • Equipping and encouraging individuals to respond to God's call to serve the needs of the community, locally and world-wide
  • Caring for physical, financial, emotional and spiritual needs of those we are called to serve

We glorify God through evangelism

  • Seeking out the lost and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • Proclaiming a message of reconciliation to God through Christ
  • Inviting others to follow Jesus and to experience God together
  • Equipping and supporting those called by God to share the Good News, baptize and make disciples at home and abroad